Your license plate frame provides you with an opportunity to have some fun with your vehicle. You can change your license plate from a plain old frame to one that reflects your personality and interests more accurately. When choosing a new license plate frame, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

How the Frame Is Mounted

First, you need to check out how your current license plate is mounted on your vehicle. Look at it closely and check how many mounting holes it has. The vehicle license plate frames usually have two or four mounting holes.

If it has two mounting holes, they will be located across the top of the license plate. If it has four mounting holes, there will be two holes on the top and two on the bottom.

These "holes" are tabs that go inward towards the license plate and are how you screw the license plate frame onto your vehicle.

Look for Spaces

When looking for a license plate frame, you want to look for a frame that has spacers. The spacers are located on the back of the frame. The spacers serve to create a barrier between your vehicle and the frame.

The spacers help prevent vibrations that may run through the frame when you are driving to damage the paint on your vehicle. Most high-quality custom license plate frames have spacers.

Consider the Material

License plate frames are made from a variety of different materials. The two best materials for license plate frames are stainless steel or carbon fiber frames

Stainless steel license plates will mast for a long time, and they will not develop rust over time or break down. Carbon fiber is a great license plate frame choice because it will also not rust and has a premium look to it.

Avoid both plastic license plate frames and chrome-plated license plate frames. Both types of license plate frames tend to break down quickly and don't hold up well if they are put through a car wash.

Go for a Finish That Complements Your Car

Finally, when you choose the finish on your new license plate frame, go for one that complements your vehicle.

Try to match the finish on your license plate to the finish on your trim for the most complementary look. Some of the most common finishes on license plate include a polished mirror finish, a black powered coat, or a black pearl finish.

When it comes to choosing a new frame for your license plate, choose one that is mounted the same way as your current frame. Look for a frame with a spacer, which will protect your vehicle from paint damage. Choose a frame made from high-quality material, with a finish that complements the overall look of your car.

Contact a company that supplies products like Ford license plate frames for more information.