If you have an antique or classic car, you can expect maintenance and upkeep to include more than just an oil change and tire change every now and then. A car that's several decades old may start to need more and more replacement parts, especially if it's in an area of the country with lots of rust-causing humidity or if one of the previous owners didn't store it well. Even if you're taking great care of the car now, these things can take their toll. If your car's manufacturer doesn't still offer new spare parts for the car, buying used parts is basically a necessity, but here are three reasons why you may wish to opt for used parts even if your car is still supported by the manufacturer. 

1. They match the vintage of the car better

If you can find used parts in great condition, they may look less out of place on your car than brand-new parts would. Of course, this is more noticeable if the parts in question are highly visible (for example, if you're trying to replace one of the seats or a door panel) rather than an engine part or something underneath the car. In some cases (such as when you're replacing gaskets and other seals), new parts are practically essential for safe operation, but if that's not a concern, choosing used parts may be a great option. True, they may not last as long as new parts would, but unless you expect the parts to fail again before the car itself wears out enough to become undrivable, that's not much of a concern.

2. They're often less expensive than new parts

Saving money can be a big concern, especially if you only have one classic or antique car because you can't afford a collection. And if your classic car is one you use every day, upkeep can be even more urgent so you may not have time to save up every time repairs are needed.

3. You may be able to buy a "junker" as a parts source

If you can find a car of the same make and model and similar vintage as yours that's been totaled and left in a parts yard by its owner, you may be able to obtain it relatively cheaply and then pull car parts from it to repair your working car from time to time. It's a significant investment, but if you intend to keep your classic car running for a significant length of time, it could actually save you money.

These three reasons show why it may be a sound investment to look into replacing your car parts with used parts of a similar vintage instead of substituting new ones. Check out a company like Reggie's Garage for more info.