When you own a pickup truck, investing in a truck cap is one of the best decisions you can make for the security of the items you're carrying. Whether you're a contractor who is carrying expensive tools, a fishing enthusiast with a variety of pricey gear or just someone making a couple stops after buying groceries for the week, your truck cap can prevent people from stealing your possessions. There are a number of methods that you can use to further increase the efficacy of the truck cap, thus minimizing the risk of having your possessions taken. Here are some ideas to implement.

Get The Cap Windows Tinted

It's a good step to take your truck cap to a business that will tint the windows for you; you may even be able to get the work done in the place that you originally bought the cap. There are several degrees of tint that you can consider, but the darker the windows are, the more difficulty someone will have looking through them to see if there are any items of value stowed inside the cap.

Invest In A Lockable Security Box

Getting a security box that can be locked separately from the truck cap is another smart investment. Often placed directly behind the cab to be less easy to access if someone were to break into the cap, these boxes are equipped with a sturdy lock that will keep the items inside safe. There are many styles of security boxes, but it's effective to get one that has a dark color — and, ideally, the same color as the bed liner of your truck. This will make the box blend in, making it less noticeable to people outside. Some companies even sell boxes that attach to the top of the truck cap; these are ideal because anyone looking in the cap window for valuables will be looking down, not up.

Change How You Park

A simple way to improve the security of the items inside your truck cap is to change how you park. The best strategy is to back the truck up so that the tailgate and rear of the cap are just inches from a wall, fence or other object. In this position, the tailgate and cap door will essentially be impossible to open, which can further thwart anyone who may wish to break inside and take what you're carrying.

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