If you prefer to work on your car yourself, changing the back brakes and rotors can be a simple process if you follow steps in the proper order. Changing the rear brakes on your vehicle should take a few minutes per side as long as you have the right tools and the correct know-how. Here are some easy instructions to help you remove the old rear brakes and install new ones so you can save money on paying a mechanic.

First Steps

Find a place with plenty of room to work, like your driveway or garage, and get all of your tools together as well as any replacement parts before you start working. This will help speed up the process and prevent you from getting sidetracked. Using a jack, lift your car up and use jack stands to prevent it from slipping. Make sure you lift it high enough so you will have room to work on the brakes with ease. Take the wheel you plan to work on first completely off the car using a wrench to loosen and remove the lug nuts. Set the tire to the side, and then remove the two bolts that can typically be found next to the brake calipers. This will allow the brake caliper to slide upward so you can get to the rotors and pads.

Removing The Pads and Rotors

Before you can install the replacement brake pads and rotors, the old ones need to come off. You can use a small screwdriver to help you pry the brake pads away from the brake caliper bracket. Once they come loose, you can remove the pads by hand by simply gripping them and pulling them away from the caliper. There may be extra bolts to keep it secured to the caliper that you'll need to remove before you can pull the brake pads off. In order to remove the rotor, you will need to use a hammer to strike the rotor loose. Swing at the axle flange area firmly with the hammer until the rotor is forced free so you can remove it using both hands. Keep in mind that the rotor on most cars are heavy, so be aware of this before you remove it. 

Replacing The Brake Parts

Now that you've freed old the pad and rotor, you can install the replacement parts. It's advised that you clean all of the surfaces using a brake cleaner before reinstalling new parts. A thorough cleaning of all areas will help improve the brake pad's performance and keep it free from obstructions. The rotor should go over the wheel hub and be secured using new bolts. Make sure the bolts are fastened tightly to the wheel hub, and then you may reinstall the caliper brackets to help keep everything in place. Next, place the pads back onto the caliper pistons. Secure the brake pads to the caliper, and then you can complete the installation process. Put the tire back on and secure the lug nuts, and repeat this process for the other wheel when you're finished. For more information about brake rotors, contact a company like Modern Hot Rod Parts.